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Achieve Cost Savings

Get maximum value from ALL types of diagnostic and treatment content—DICOM and beyond—at minimum cost.

Migrate data only once. Synapse VNA eliminates costly future data migration. This greatly reduces migration costs over the life of the data.

IMPROVE information availability and reduce storage management costs using intelligent compression or purging techniques.

REDUCE interface costs by using a shared archive platform to store and distribute clinical data.

DECREASE new or replacement PACS costs through reduced vendor dependencies and increased competitive bidding.

IMPROVE physician and front-line clinical efficiency by providing a single, easy-to-use platform for all your clinical data.

REMOVE departmental storage silos and dependencies on application vendors for storage additions.


The Value of Vendor Neutrality

As a true vendor-neutral archive, Synapse VNA is able to store, manage, and provide access to both DICOM and non-DICOM objects. Synapse VNA supports more non-DICOM objects than any other VNA on the planet.

  • Legal source of image remains untouched
  • Data can be returned to its originating source in the original format
  • Data retains private metadata tags useful to the originating source
  • Storing natively enables use of standard mime-type viewers
  • Complexity is minimized for the originating source system
  • The system has the flexibility to support retrieval through current and future standards without format lock