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Seamless Scalability

The VNA for Your Expanding Healthcare Enterprise
- Transition legacy data and systems into a new healthcare system

Different procedure codes?

Different body codes?

Different patient IDs?

Different technology vendors?

No problem. Whether it’s one hospital or many, the changing footprint of a healthcare system brings significant opportunity as well as sizable challenges. Fortunately, our Synapse VNA can serve as the framework and facilitator for securing COMPLETE enterprise clinical content interoperability—both quickly and easily. We perform data transformation by understanding and adapting to differing rules and policies across the enterprise while allowing you to keep your legacy systems. A great example exists at HealthShare NSW (New South Wales, Australia), where our VNA connects 110+ clinical facilities through image and report exchanging.

HealthShare NSW is a complex organization with multiple PACS, multiple RIS, multiple EMR systems, and multiple patient IDs. FUJIFILM TeraMedica, Inc. has simplified the user experience across the enterprise, bringing all these variables under control.

Looking at a more generic enterprise representation, Synapse VNA can take a siloed configuration of independent clinical operations and transform it into a unified health system, providing cost-effective and quality-improved patient care. Benefits include:

  • Ability to share clinical content anywhere, anytime, across the healthcare enterprise
  • Ability to limit data access by staff member, department or facility
  • Ability to manage a single data repository with consistent image lifecycle management
  • Ability to change technology vendors without costly data migrations
  • Ability to dynamically transform data across the healthcare enterprise

Whether clinical image interoperability is needed across facilities or clinical departments, Synapse VNA has it covered using global formats such as MPEG, JPEG, and PDF, as well as other critical clinical content such as treatment plans or reports. This ability to store and distribute natively in non-standard formats for each department is a uniquely valuable attribute of our solution. Enterprise landscapes are forever changing, and our vendor-neutral architecture ensures maximum adaptability, scalability, and flexibility so that healthcare leaders can drive change without being handcuffed.

The ability to store such things as enterprise digital pathologic slides, visible light photos, and DICOM radiology and cardiology clinical and research images is important to the success of our clinical and research missions. ---Dr. Christopher Roth


Gain Vendor Independence

True neutrality covers the entire scope of image management and associated IT infrastructure.

It means complete indifference to PACS vendors and storage subsystems (including DAS, NAS, SAN, CAS, Grid, and Cloud). It means that your VNA must able to provide complete clinical lifecycle management independent of the storage system and data source.

TeraMedica takes pride in our industry-leading neutrality because we know that one of the few certainties in healthcare IT is the ever-changing landscape. Our neutrality enables us to always stay fluid with your dynamic enterprise needs.

Synapse VNA connects and manages the digital image infrastructure of a healthcare system, from the imaging device or PACS to the electronic health record (EHR) and the clinical desktop. We also integrate flawlessly with any EMR, PACS, RIS, and CVIS solution, including:

  • Epic Systems
  • Cerner
  • Meditech
  • McKesson
  • Fujifilm
  • Siemens Healthcare
  • GE Healthcare
  • Agfa Healthcare
  • Novarad
  • Carestream Health
  • Advanced Data Systems
  • Intelerad
  • Sectra
  • Merge

and many more!