Running the ins and outs of a hospital can present certain challenges, and VNA solutions can help. However, is having a background in business or IT more beneficial for CIO leadership? Expertise in both of these fields has its strengths and weaknesses, and a number of leading CIOs recently gave their input to Becker's Hospital Review about what these respective sectors have to offer.

For instance, Kane Francetich, the CIO of Gritman Medical Center, told the source that he believes having a solid background in business is a desirable trait for hiring CIOs, mostly because in his experience, the role requires a significant number of administrative tasks outside the IT and telecom realm. He did conclude, however, that being well-rounded in many different aspects of CIO development is the best possible situation for CIOs - so IT experience should not be overlooked either.

CIO Dashboard suggests a broader set of skills that branches into both business and IT is the best possible situation for CIOs. For example, a business background provides professionals with the leadership qualities to equip medical staff with necessary changes in programs and fully understand how these shifts affect finances. In the same respect, IT experience can allow a CIO to have hands-on infrastructure knowledge so that he or she understands how these technologies work on an operational level.

No matter where your current strengths lie, there are plenty of courses, pamphlets and white papers that can fill in the gaps or shortcomings you notice in your knowledge base or in your organization as a whole. 

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