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Healthcare information management leads all other patient care focus areas when it comes to the number strategic initiatives that are underway or being planned.

Whether it’s HIE, ACO, Meaningful Use, ROI improvement, vendor independence – they all involve freeing up data for easy access and distribution, as well as intelligent storage. This is the cornerstone of a true VNA.

Conversion and infrastructure costs relating to these initiatives could cripple institutions trying to keep up. Hospitals need the freedom to adapt to institutional change, competitive pressures, government intervention, information technology evolution, and the continued medical science digital revolution. Vendor independence and innovation openness is essential.   Massive change is happening. FUJIFILM TeraMedica, Inc., Inc. allows you to embrace the future with elegant cost efficiency.

The Synapse® VNA Solution offers:

  • Customer-Centric Health Imaging Exchange
  • Rapid Access to all patient images
  • A Unique Direct Connection to the Master Patient Index or Health Information Exchange
  • One Single Access Point to a Longitudinal Imaging Record
  • Standard desktop review tools for Documents and Multimedia
  • Zero-Download-Embedded Viewer for Bandwidth Optimization
  • Programmable Physician-Centric review and management policies
  • Seamless Integration to a Patient-Centered Vendor Neutral Architecture