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Vendor Neutral Imaging Leader Named ‘Pioneer in the VNA Market’

(July 10th, 2012 - MILWAUKEE, WI) TeraMedica, Inc., the leader in vendor neutral enterprise image management, has been recognized as a significant player in the Vendor Neutral Archive space by KLAS (www.KLASresearch.com).  KLAS’ report, Enterprise Imaging 2012: Provider Strategies and Insights, was released in June. 

KLAS provides this reasoning behind the need for a VNA (as given by a provider who responded to the survey): “We cannot continue to just store our images on PACS products. The risk is too great. Vendor-neutral archiving must be done. We must manage the images, not just store them.” 

KLAS cites TeraMedica as “one of the pioneers in the VNA market”.  According to the report, TeraMedica is one of the few vendors that offer VNA functionality that has been shown to work well with many different imaging solutions.  In addition, early trends hint toward favorable enterprise DICOM management, with several clients also starting to leverage the ability to store other clinical content in its native format.”   

With the growing number of PACS replacements, the utilization of a VNA as a strategy is picking up steam.  Twenty-seven percent of the providers interviewed indicated that a VNA would be central to their enterprise imaging strategy, especially for hospitals over 500 beds. 

The Enterprise Imaging2012: Provider Strategies and Insights report also notes that TeraMedica’s “Technology enables customers to predict and manage storage costs… [with the ability] to store DICOM and non-DICOM data in native formats.” 

“As one of the founders of the Vendor Neutral archive space, TeraMedica is honored to be named as a ‘pioneer in the VNA market’ by KLAS,” said Jim Prekop, President of TeraMedica.  “Our technology has been around since 2001, when it was developed by clinicians and physicians at the Mayo Clinic.  Our VNA is scalable, flexible and adaptable for any clinical department.” 

TeraMedica was among the top 2 vendors regarding KLAS verified storage numbers (in terabytes) for both average and peak storage among all healthcare provider respondents (per Figure 6 of report). 

About TeraMedica,® Inc.

TeraMedica, Inc., a global healthcare informatics company based in Milwaukee, is the leading provider of vendor neutral, enterprise-wide solutions for unrestricted medical image management.  The company was launched in 2001 with the successful development of a cross-departmental, patient-centric clinical image archive for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  To date, TeraMedica has over 600 customer-driven deployments on six continents.  Such flexibility can be achieved only by an organization that is committed to exceeding customer expectations using a technology platform that has been designed for adaptation.  For more information, visit www.TeraMedica.com.