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Image Exchange

Synapse Virtual Image Exchange is a powerful, cloud-based solution that provides secure and efficient image transfers between providing facilities, referring physicians, and even patients. Automated routing rules in combination with Synapse VNA intelligent organizational rules provides simple management of outside images utilizing existing healthcare IT infrastructure. You decide where and how long to keep the images, with easy-to-use mechanisms to integrate into the permanent patient record when needed.

Remove the burden of CD creation and distribution while providing broader access to medical images. At the same time, provide an efficient ingestion process for patients that do arrive with CDs of medical images.

Physicians are notified directly via email when images are shared outbound from your facility. Remote physicians can log in to a cloud-hosted web portal to access images securely with a viewer, or, in the case of high-volume users, the data can be pushed directly to their imaging systems without the need for a VPN.

  • Operate more efficiently by managing and distributing clinical images from the VNA and PACS archives as well as beyond the walls of the enterprise
  • Stop CD creation and importing of CDs
  • Eliminate VPN connections
  • Engage referring physicians and patients
  • Reduce image-exchange costs and burning of CDs with unlimited use, departments, and exchanges
  • Support both DICOM and non-DICOM image exchanges
  • Choose from automated and manual study routing to permanent archives
  • Provide secure exchange of images that are HIPAA-compliant and SSAE 16 audit-certified