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Our Enterprise VNA Solution significantly lowers capital and operating expenditures, providing an immediate ROI.

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Maximizing Clinical Value at Minimum Cost

A vendor neutral archive (VNA) lowers capital and operating expenses and provides you with superior technology and flexibility. Our Solution of software modules, led by the most robust vendor neutral archive in the industry, known as Synapse® VNA, can connect and manage the digital image infrastructure of a healthcare system from the imaging device or PACS to the electronic health record (EHR) and the clinical desktop.

Multi-department, multi-facility healthcare providers generate tens of terabytes of data annually. In most cases, this data is fragmented across departmental PACS systems without the IT infrastructure needed to manage the data.

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FUJIFILM TeraMedica, Inc.'s signature solution is a patient-centric vendor neutral archive, designed to address issues confronting the modern Healthcare Enterprise. When coupled with other modules of the Enterprise Solution, the Synapse VNA forms the base of a comprehensive data management solution.


Vendor Neutral, Flexible, Scalable

The Synapse VNA works through an enterprise archive serving as a central repository for clinical information including DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine; x-ray image digital standard) and non-DICOM (other digital files, e.g. PDF of lab reports, sound files, photographs, etc.).

      • Synapse VNA is an open, Java-based system that is not dependent on proprietary server or storage technologies.
      • Synapse VNA provides access to digital images to authorized users via an electronic health record (EHR), diagnostic workstations or clinical desktops.
      • Synapse VNA scales to meet needs ranging from those of a single department or clinic to those of multiple facilities with multiple imaging specialties.

Service Oriented Architecture

The Synapse VNA can store and provide imaging data from, and to any, endpoint in the healthcare enterprise.

Strategic service oriented architectural features include:

      • Extremely scalable database
      • Parallel application services across enterprise-scale server configurations
      • Optimal n-tier storage configurations featuring multiple media (disk, optical, tape) addressing hundreds of terabytes of storage
      • Intelligent Smartstore rules engine that establishes storage and distribution protocols optimizing image management based on the clinical profile of the study, management policy, enterprise workflow and regulatory requirements
      • Migration tools for legacy data to preserve older image datasets and integrate this data into an enterprise image management infrastructure
      • Intermediary or endpoint for HL7 (or custom protocol) messages from multiple systems (HIS, RIS, CIS, CVIS)

Get maximum value from ALL types of diagnostic and treatment content - DICOM and beyond - at minimum cost in a decade promising extreme change, complexity and deep digital interrelationships.

      • MAXIMUM Clinical Inputs
      • MAXIMUM Quality Clinical Utilization
      • MAXIMUM Technological Freedom

The Synapse VNA advantage:

    • Provides a unifying visual platform that delivers physicians what they need, but can't get elsewhere
    • Unlocks trapped value of digital clinical assets
    • Manages ALL necessary clinical content: DICOM and beyond
    • Possesses extreme agility, flexibility and scalability
    • Architected for the 100X explosion of the coming decade
    • Lowers total cost of ownership and comes with a strong ROI
    • Bestows true vendor independence and freedom
    • Fills treatment and diagnostic gaps inherent in all EMR systems and patient records
    • Intelligently stores content for easy integration, retrieval, cost savings, technology obsolescence, organizational change, and enterprise legal entity configurations
    • Keeps delivering strong answers from a deeply experienced staff that relishes their role as thought, solution and service leaders in the industry