Solution Highlights:

Server-side rendering

Server-side design is fundamental to securing PHI. Because the application runs on the server, there is no need to move the entire study to the desktop or mobile device.

Browser-neutral viewer

Access images and reports directly through the most popular web browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox) or an EHR study launch with no code download or local caching of images.

FDA Class II 510(k) diagnostic accreditation

Synapse Mobility has achieved the Class II accreditation (not MG), the highest quality of standards available from the FDA on the web client as well as the iOS and Android apps. Diagnostic accreditation is necessary because it encompasses any treatment decision made by a provider.

Multi-monitor viewing

Options to expand your images across multiple monitors to make the most of your viewing environments, all from a zero-footprint web browser client.

Voice and video collaboration

Enables secure, HIPAA-compliant live collaboration by connecting radiologists, referring physicians, specialists, and patients to collaborate with an active study.

Mobile measurements

Support on iOS to create measurements on your mobile devices.

Study sharing

Robust, site-configurable Share feature allows users to share studies with other enterprise solutions, such as image-exchange systems, educational tools, and departmental PACS systems.

MPR, maximum intensity projection (MIP), and 3D access

Server-side multiplanar, oblique, and curved reformats of CT and MR datasets allow the physician to view anatomical structures from different aspects. 3D volume rendering rounds out the advanced viewing and processing features, all implemented in a fully secure mobile or desktop environment.

Non-DICOM data

View non-DICOM images and video formats (JPG, PNG, TIFF, MP4, MPG, AVI, PDF, etc.) from the VNA in their native formats, which prevents performance delays due to wrapping studies for viewing.

Federated data search

Connect all your enterprise-imaging archives to provide clinicians the complete patient record in a single view, from every department.